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Banking designed for the crypto age

Palladium consolidates access to crypto & fiat in a single platform.


The platform’s role is to present customers with a singular, unified interface to manage their various asset classes and to access a wide array of services denominated both in fiat and in crypto currencies.


Pay any bill at any time with any currency, crypto or fiat. Send in one currency and receive in another for the ultimate crypto functionality.


Platform to enable virtual joint multi-asset accounts without ever moving fiat from the bank or crypto from the exchange. The security, transparency, and immediacy of blockchain will afford customers and investors the rights and protections demanded by European regulators.


Crypto and fiat assets in these virtual joint accounts will be seamlessly and instantly interchangeable by users while maintaining full compliance with applicable regulations.

We're building the future of finance

Palladium ends the complexities of buying, selling and using assets held across multiple accounts. In the world’s first initial convertible coin offering (ICCO), investors will have direct participation in company growth.


Part of a holistic finance system allowing native compatibility between fiat & cryptocurrency.


Allows users to buy, sell, use or manage crypto freely and simply — and without hidden fees.


Gives users a single place to manage, trade and use crypto and fiat for all payments & purposes.


Regulated by a European Directive Prospectus as equity warrants, granting unprecedented peace of mind.

Presenting: Palladium

A single unified platform for crypto and fiat assets.

Instantly access any asset with Blockchain‑powered security

Palladium provides a holistic blockchain platform giving users a simple, unified crypto and banking experience. We handle the technical so you can focus on your assets.

  • -   Single unified blockchain platform & interface

  • -   Segregated fiat & crypto assets

  • -   Real-time asset exchange & access

  • -   Comprehensive blockchain‑powered fraud prevention

Trade fiat and crypto with a single interface

The Palladium network enables customers to freely exchange assets without worrying about denomination. The payer and the recipient of any transaction could opt for the asset of their choice, so customers can pay in Bitcoin to a friend requesting Euros.

Customer A purchases €10 worth of crypto from customer B.

  • -   Virtual fiat is moved from A to B at the exchange. The transaction is recorded on the blockchain and then reflected automatically in the corresponding customers’ restricted exchange bank accounts.

  • -   The transaction is recorded on the blockchain and then reflected automatically in the corresponding customers’ restricted exchange bank accounts.

Use of Capital

Acquire a controlling interest in an EU bank and upgrade its systems.

Develop the Palladium Blockchain Clearing and Settlement Platform & our crypto exchange.

Secure strategic investments in financial services, blockchain companies and our community.

Meet Our Team

Paolo Catalfamo, CEO, Board

Rahul Sood, Board

Brian Jamieson, Board

Joe Del Raso, Board

Greg McGowan, Board

Pablo A. Pérez-Fernández, CFO

Paventhan Savunthararasa, COO

Daniel Rudolph, CTO

Meet Our Advisors

Carl Schramm

Simon Davies

Karl Flores

Andrea Negri

Alex Fedosseev

Malta is the Blockchain Island

Malta is poised to enact sweeping, comprehensive blockchain legislation.

Malta is fast becoming a blockchain center of gravity, with major players like Binance, Bitbay, & Okex announcing relocation to the island. This is attracting talent and fostering the growth of a vibrant ecosystem.

The country's regulator has a dedicated blockchain department.

Join the future of finance.

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Milestones & Roadmap

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